3 steps to a wonderful diamond painting

Diamond painting is a creative hobby where the goal is to create a unique and artistic work of art using colored rhinestones. This is a new trend to relax while expressing your creative side. You don't need to find a professional guide to get started in the world of diamond painting as there are just 3 simple steps to complete your very own diamond art creation.

Step 1: Choose your preferred kit

Before you can begin crafting your first kit, you must select your favorite theme art that you are motivated to complete. There is a wide range of Diamond Art Kits, with prices varying not only on the dimensions of the artwork but also on its level of difficulty (ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced). Here at Diamond Art Love you will find a variety of ready-made artworks on various themes such as: B. Nature, cities, landscapes, flowers, famous people, portraits, animals, space, religion and even create your own advanced custom kit. But you should always go online to look for sales for these kits as they would go on sale regularly and you should definitely jump at the opportunity to get one without breaking the bank.

If you intend to make art with your children, animal themed art would be very suitable.

Source: (1) Black and white cat (diamondartlove. co. uk)

When it comes to great house decoration, a kit about landscape, nature or flowers should be your first choice.

Source: (1) Sunshine (diamondartlove. co. uk)

Source: Colorful Trees (diamondartlove. co. uk)

And if you're feeling extra creative and looking for a unique gift idea, why not order a custom diamond painting with some of your own fond memories? There are currently many shops on the Internet that offer custom paintings, such as: B Diamond Art Love, Diamond Art UK and of course Verliebt in Diamond Painting .

Source: (1) Your Advanced Custom Diamond Painting Kit - Premium Quality (diamondartlove. co. uk)

Step 2: Find the right place to display your art at home

After you have made your choice, you need a suitable place to display your final creation. However, you don't have to think too much, you can just put it in a corner of your office or on the walls of your bedroom, so don't hesitate to start this fun and creative activity in your free time or with the whole family.

But what about the place where you will make your art? To do this, you need a desk with enough space to lay the screen flat and a little more room to accommodate the accessories. We would recommend having a nice and quiet place to indulge in work. Finally, and this is important, please make sure not to let children under 10 years old near the rhinestones: they pose a serious choking hazard for the little ones!

Step 3: Complete knowledge of the kits

Usually everything you need is included in the complete kit. A high quality canvas with your chosen pattern, small bags of color coded rhinestones, a container to place and sort the rhinestones in the correct orientation, pliers, a pen and finally an adhesive pad to attach the rhinestones. These are the necessary tools to complete your artwork. There may also be optional accessories like a light pad that illuminates the background to help you see the colors more easily.

First you need to remove the protective film from the canvas and observe the different colors marked on the canvas. Choose one to start with.

Then you need to find the correct bag of rhinestones to start with and place a few in the container. Gently shake the container to get them in the right orientation.

Finally, take the rhinestones with the pliers and stick them on the correct marked zone on the canvas. Don't forget to line up the rhinestones with a ruler. And of course you have to use the pen to take some wax glue and take the rhinestones with the pen to apply them to the canvas.

Source (video) : https://m. youtube. com/watch?v=cMfH1S8ogmE

Once finished, we strongly recommend applying a protective film and then framing. You can choose to hang it on the wall or put it next to your office.

By following these 3 simple steps, you will have completed your first diamond art painting at home. This activity is a great stress reliever and allows you to express your creativity. More and more activities are being added every day, so why not start today and make your own art?